Hello readers! Today I would like to show you how the Viva's Project bags are made. It's a long process which takes a lot of time and we all put so much love in it. Firstly it's important to find the right material: high quality leather that should be just the right thickness. It can't be too soft because the bag wouldn't stand straight, but it also can’t be too thick. I had to find just the right one. After that we need to cut the leather in the right shape to make the bucket. Then we glue the leather into the final shape. After that we start with the sewing. All that makes each bag something special and unique. I'm there from start to finish until I ship them to you and I am here for all of your questions. 

That's why I would be very happy to see how you style and use the bag. So please, take some pictures and share them via social media.

Have a wonderful day!