5 reasons why to choose vegetable tanned leather

5 reasons why to choose vegetable tanned leather


What do you know about leather tanning? Does vegetable tanned leather mean something to you?

Let us tell you few words about it. There are two main methods in leather tanning, these are vegetable and chrome tanning.


What’s the difference? For chrome tanning synthetic chemicals are used, vegetable tanning on the other hand is an old natural process, free of chromium and other harmful chemicals. Raw hides are placed in barrels with natural tannins from plants, tree barks, roots and flower pods and are left there for 40 days or more to tan.

Vegetable tanned leather is hard to find because most of the tanneries use the other method, that’s also the reason why sometimes you need to wait for our bags – because we are waiting for our leather to be tanned in a natural way.


What are 5 reasons to choose vegetable tanned leather:


1) First of all, because the leather goods made from vegetable tanned leather smell so natural and nice.

2) The second reason is a responsible choice in the industry and environmentally-friendly fashion.

3) Vegetable tanned leather changes beautifully as it ages. The colours of the vegetable tanned leather are natural and rich.

4) Products made from vegetable tanned leather smell nicely and naturally.

5) Vegetable tanned leather is stronger and more durable than the other leathers.


Photos: Pia from Fash’n’fudge.



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