Learn more about us - read our story

Learn more about us - read our story


Viva’s was created by two women who each bring their unique skills and passions into their work. Iris is a seasoned businesswoman with years of experience in fashion retail, a CEO and a mom on a mission to make the world a better place, starting with fashion.


Even as a baby, the creative part of Viva’s, Ziva, was very particular about clothes; by the time she was a teenager, she was fashion police in the house.  One day she couldn’t find that perfect handbag, she decided to design her own. And that’s when Viva’s project was born. When the stars aligned, she joined forces with Iris and together they created Viva’s.


Since both come from eco-conscious, fashion and art saturated backgrounds, their fashion brand couldn’t just be fast fashion; it had to be more.


The brand


At Viva’s we’re passionate about Nature and Fashion. But if they are to go hand in hand, we all have to play a part. That’s why we focus on responsible fashion and ways in which we can all lead a more conscious lifestyle.


Our products are all made in Slovenia, a small European country, known for its biodiversity, forests and the Alps. With years of experience in fashion, we know trends (and love them), but our main goal is to create timeless designs you’ll love to wear for years – and we use materials that make it possible: high quality vegetable-tanned Italian leather and organic cotton.



The dachshund


The brand logo is a dachshund. Ziva and Iris are both enthusiastic dog owners and believe that dogs can teach us to love the life we live. Dachshunds in particular are the perfect embodiment of persistence and playfulness – the two words that best describe Viva’s products; the leather bags will persist through anything and the tees with their prints will always be playful.







Creating a bag from the first sketch to the final product is a long and inspiring process. Viva’s bags are handcrafted the old way, by sewing machine and with final hand touches at the end of the process, which makes each bag a unique piece.


We choose vegetable-tanned leather whenever possible. Vegetable tanning is a chromium-free method of dyeing leather. Natural tannins, found in tree bark, wood, leaves, fruits and roots are used in producing vegetable-tanned leather. This process gives leather its natural smell, look and feel without harsh chemical substances. We have also chosen vegetable-tanned leather because of its high quality, durability, strength and natural look. Its handmade imperfections make for a unique and genuine aesthetic. Vegetable-tanned leather is far stronger than the majority of synthetic materials and therefore can last a lifetime, which also makes it sustainable. 





Our organic cotton tees are super soft and durable. Organic cotton holds its shape and looks like new for much longer than regular cotton. We teamed up with local artists to make our tees even more special with playful prints, created by young designers and illustrators. Their designs are printed on our tees using only eco-friendly dyes.  


Organic cotton, from which our tees are made, is grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers, and is thus simply better for your health and the environment. By choosing organic you are choosing what’s good for your health and the planet.


Viva’s tees carry a Fair Wear certificate, because we care not only about the planet, but about the people, too.


In few words


When creating a new design we focus on beautiful functionality. Viva’s products are made to wear on a daily basis; they have to be simple, functional and minimalistic, so that you can wear them with any outfit.


All our designs are created with a Viva’s woman in mind - a modern woman who knows what she wants in life and shows it to the world with confidence. She loves what she do, she has healthy lifestyle and knows how to relax. She’s responsible, and that includes taking care of herself. She loves variety but appreciates the ability of things to tell stories that only come with frequent use and the passing of time; she only wants to own things that spark joy in her life. She’s passionate about fashion and design, but she also cares deeply for people, relationships and our planet. She wants her life to be simple and meaningful.


And that’s what we’re here for: we aspire to create products that are simple but meaningful and help you live the life you love.



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