New limited edition collection: Into the Forest

New limited edition collection: Into the Forest

Nature is my biggest inspiration and spending time in forest is my meditation. Forest is a place where I feel free, relaxed and it fills me up with positive energy.

But having jobs, kids and other responsibilities, some of us may not have the luxury to spend as much time outdoors as we would like.

That's why I decided to create the collection named Into the forest - to bring forest close to you on days when you are too busy to go on a long walk. 

The collection consists of 4 timeless products:

  • our signature tote bag in forest green colour (SHOP IT HERE)
  • our classy half moon bag in natural, blush tone (SHOP IT HERE)
  • beige organic cotton sweatshirt with little spruces (SHOP IT HERE)
  • mint green organic cotton sweatshirt with leafs and flowers (SHOP IT HERE)

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