Peter Movrin 

Peter Movrin is known for his impressive unisex pieces with massive silhouettes. His work has won numerous prizes and was part of exhibitions such as the MoBa Biennale, where his graduation collection Franz Madonna was shown next to Jean Paul Gaultier, Maison Martin Margiela and Prada. Lady Gaga has been spotted wearing several of his creations. Movrin's main inspiration has always been his childhood, where tradition, God and meat were the subject of everyday life. As an only son of a butcher in a small Slovenian town, surrounded by woods and bears, his growing up marked him with a roughness that he transcends in his designs with a special kind of romanticism. In this hard provincial life meat became his medium of expression, as a child he would carve steaks in a way that would appeal to his bewildered eye. There were, however, also fresh issues of Vogue magazines in the house, brought from trips to Trieste, that stirred up his imagination. Because he wanted to understand garments in-depth he first studied fashion textile, but was soon drawn to designing. He designs with meticulous attention to detail and longing for newness. Leather and wool are still his favourite materials. To get the effect of surprise he juxtaposes these two traditional materials with others, perhaps not typically associated with the textile industry. An important part of his design process is treating natural and synthetic fabrics with various methods, using heat, chemicals or other techniques, thus combining innovation and tradition. Peter Movrin's ambition is not to create clothes but rather adornments for body. The thinking process behind each of his multi-functioning designs is understanding garments as something very dear and precious, as something that is meant to last, like a great piece of jewellery. He is tremendously passionate about craftsmanship, couture and handmade details, believing this is the one real advantage of young independent designers. To get to that level of craftsmanship all of Peter Movrin clothes are made in Europe. Movrin is studying at Central Saint Martins MA Womenswear. Collections are made in Italy and the United Kingdom.



This summer, we joined our creative forces with Frachella, a young and passionate bags designer from Slovenia. We created a spunky handbag that combines Viva’s typical minimalistic leather silhouette with Frachella’s signature fringe. It comes in two perfect shades: navy and peach. We love the relaxed, boho vibe it emanates - just perfect for a nights out with your girlfriends. 
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Hana Karim & Tea Goljevšček

An architect and art teacher with focus on illustration, wedding design, packaging. Find out more about their work here

Mashoni Studio
Mashoni is a multidisciplinary design studio. Their focus is mainly on building brands - designing brand identities and products.
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Mateja Kovač
“My name is Mateja Kovač and I live in a little town called Samobor that is placed near the capital city of Croatia, Zagreb. I was always fascinated with design, because for me design was always like a complicated mathematical formula that cannot be "solved only by knowledge but also needs a lot of love and devotion to make it work. I have been practicing different branches of art, well it seems like forever now, but officially I graduated the Art academy in the year 2006. Since then my art has taken me from restoration, classical painting, interior design and finally today, to the place I can call my home…illustration.”
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Meta Wraber

Meta Wraber is an illustrator and graphic designer from Ljubljana, Slovenia. She has studied Visual Communication Design at the University of Ljubljana. Etheric figures, blooming fabrics dipped in watercolours, poetic landscapes and splashing strawberries are Meta’s trademark. She retains her unique aesthetics throughout experimentation with different painting techniques. She is focusing on editorial, food and fashion illustration.
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Nina Štajner

“My name is Nina and I'm an aspiring illustrator and graphic design graduate. I am mostly known for illustrating tender, whimsical and furry cute animals in a soft and delicate manner. I work with traditional media (mostly using watercolours, gouache and colored pencils) but I also create artwork digitally. Besides commercial work I love doing self initiated projects where I try to collaborate with other artists, experiment, challenge myself and grow as an artist. When I am not making art I love to travel, wander, explore nature, daydream, bake, ride my bike, do yoga, make dreamcatchers and find beauty in simple things”.
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Špela Jambrek

After accepting the world of psychology when graduating from Faculty of Arts at University of Ljubljana (majoring in clinical psychology), Špela devoted herself to fashion design, which she endlessly mixes up with the knowledge of psychology. Fashion design was her choice when enrolling at Faculty of Design afterwards. She started working as a stylist in 2OO8. In 2O11, after three years of successful working and graduating from Faculty of Design she became a fashion editor for Slovenian Story magazine at Slovenian publishing house Adria Media d.o.o. Doing fashion editorials, creative work, organizing internal and external teams, co-workers, shooting
advertorials, editing fashion pages from organizational and creative point of view and dealing with fashion in art has been a great predisposition to create her own art and fashion style. She also started illustrating while she was studying fashion and illustration has gradually become her passion. Doing fashion illustration, mixing it with fine line of art, design and fashion it self. She illustrated for magazines, including Ambient, Gloss, G,, Story and independent art projects. She had her first illustration exhibition at Philips Fashion Week in Ljubljana along with her fashion creations and 3D illusion effect. She resides in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
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Vida Igličar
“I’m a creative and passionate graduate of Graphic Design and Illustration from De Montfort University, UK and currently working as a designer in the biggest Slovenian advertising agency as well as freelance. I come from a small but incredibly beautiful country Slovenia, from countryside close to the Alps and Adriatic Sea. I am tenacious, self-challenging, and highly dedicated to work. My work is delicate and individual with a high level of detail. “
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Karmen & Nika, two stuff designers from Maribor, Slovenia. Experienced design team focused on designing custom stuff. “Our typical minimalistic style enables clients’ brands to live through trends and clearly communicate the story of the company while making content stand out. As we create our design, we devote the same amount of attention to all elements of a brand’s visual identity. Thus as we set information on corporate materials, we always look for ways to support the visual identity. We realize that it is not enough that the resulting design is beautiful.”
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Zulu Zion 

Zulu Zion is a brand of colorful socks, made by a young and creative team, Dijana & Miha Rolc. Their socks are designed to bring a combination of vivid colors and unexpected patterns - stepping away from the traditional stripes and polka dots, away from the classic navy blue and the 'always safe' black.
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