Medium Nude Pouch

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At Viva’s we are thinking sustainable so we want to use all the material. From the cuttings of our tote and crossbody bags we’re makin small leather goods. Viva’s pouch bag is available in 3 sizes: large one can be used as a mini bag, big enough for your phone, lipstick and small coin pouch. The medium size is perfect for makeup - you can put in your necessary beauty products and have it in your tote bag all the time. The smallest one can be used as a mini wallet, coin pouch or keys holder.
  • Handcrafted in Slovenia.
  • Material: Italian Leather.
  • Colour: Nude
  • Dimensions: large: 19,5 cm H x 24 cm W / medium: 15 cm H x 20 cm W / small: 9,5 cm H x 12 cm W.