1. It looks great with every styling - pair it with sportswear, minimalist clothing, or working girl outfits – there’s nothing it won’t match with.
  2. It’s practical – with having backpack on your shoulders you’re hands free & you can easily ride your bike, walk your dog or even go shopping with your hands full of bags.
  3. It will last for ages – as all the other Viva’s bags backpack is made from quality leather too. Because of minimalistic and classy design and timeless black colour it will never go out of style.
  4. It’s suitable for different occasions – if you’re going to the office and need a laptop and lots of papers with you – you can easily put it all in your backpack, but on the other hand, when you’re packing up for your weekend trip to the seaside, you can again use your backpack for all the necessary things you’re going to need at the beach.
  5. It’s handmade with love – as all the other products in our store, the backpack is handmade too. It’s made with lots of love in a small studio in Slovenia, which is a small country in Europe. With buying this backpack you’re supporting a young woman chasing her dreams.

Photo: Katarina Veselič, Model: Ajda Sitar