Where timeless sophistication meets conscious craftsmanship.

At Viva’s we are dedicated to timeless design, traditional craftsmanship, and the finest quality leather. Our focus is on creating exceptional pieces that last a lifetime. Join us in celebrating the artistry of leatherwork and the enduring beauty of timeless style.


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    Creating a handbag from the first sketch to the final product is a long but rewarding process. When creating a new design we focus on beautiful functionality. Viva’s products are made to wear on a daily basis; they have to be simple, functional and minimalist, so they complement any style.


    Viva's bags are made in Slovenia from the finest leather sourced from Italy. Crafted by our highly skilled contract seamstresses, each bag is handcrafted using traditional methods, combining machine sewing with final hand touches at the end of the process, ensuring that every bag is a unique piece.


    We select only the finest leather for our production. Our preference lies in vegetable-tanned leather for its exceptional quality, durability, strength, and natural aesthetic. Moreover, vegetable-tanned leather surpasses synthetic materials in strength, ensuring longevity and making it a sustainable choice.

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