About the Leather

Leather is a special natural material that changes and get more beautiful as it ages. We select only premium leather for our products, which makes them so special. Every model of bag is a unique piece, which is made from carefully selected material that best suits the shape. Some say you need to choose your signature scent. We say: may it smell of leather.


When it comes to leather it’s important to choose the right type of leather grains.


is the one with a more unnatural look, without any imperfections. Natural leather hides can have scratches or other imperfections. If you want to cover that, you’ll need to sand away the natural grain from the top surface of the leather. After that process the leather is changed and not as strong as the full grain leather. Furthermore, it has a more plastic look and is not as naturally beautiful as full grain leather. If you’re searching for the best quality, you’ll choose full grain.


is the highest available quality leather. On Full Grain leather the natural markings and grain characteristics from the animal skin can be seen. There are no sanding processes applied to the surface and, because of that, only the cleanest hides can be used for full grain which makes this leather so fine and expensive. Full Grain leather has a beautiful natural look and it’s treated with transparent aniline dyes.
Pure Aniline Leather

is also one of the natural top grain leathers, with a natural look and markings of the very purest quality hides. Aniline leather is dyed all the way through, while pigmented leather, on the other hand, is painted on the top and doesn’t appear natural. 


is a type of aniline leather with a velvet texture and feel. The grain has not been processed, but only brushed and polished. The grain of Nubuck is of a slightly higher quality than suede, which is the inner side of the leather.Corrected Leather grains

are also one of the Top Grain Leathers. These materials go through sanding, buffing, stamping and dyeing. With all these processes this leather gets a more uniform look without any imperfections on the hide.


The two main methods used are vegetable and chrome tanning.

The difference is that with chrome tanning synthetic chemicals are used, while vegetable tanning is a natural process where no such chemicals are used. Vegetable tanned leather is hard to find because most of the tanneries use the other method, the most popular and controversial, due to its widespread use in the fashion industry. It is effective and fast. Vegetable-tanning, on the other hand, is an old process, a natural method, free of chromium, without harmful chemicals. Raw hides are placed in barrels with natural tannins from plants, tree barks, roots and flower pods and are left there for 40 days or more to tan.

Vegetable tanning is a chromium-free method, and therefore does not contain harmful chemicals. Tannins found in nature from tree bark, wood, leaves, fruits, and roots are used in producing vegetable tanned leather. This gives it its natural smell and look. 

Do you wonder why we prefer to use vegetable-tanned leather for our products?First of all, because the leather goods made from vegetable tanned leather smell so natural and nice. The second reason is a responsible choice in the industry and environmentally-friendly fashion. Moreover, we love how vegetable tanned leather changes beautifully as it ages. The colours of the vegetable tanned leather are as natural and rich as the smell of it, too.

Products made from vegetable tanned leather are timeless because better leather quality and durability. Its handmade imperfections make for a unique and genuine aesthetic. Vegetable tanned leather is far stronger than the majority of synthetic materials and therefore can last a lifetime.

Leather is a natural material, which changes over time and acquires a unique patina with use and will become slightly darker over time.