We strive to create handbags that don’t just carry things but tell stories. That’s an attribute that can only be achieved with frequent use and the passing of time, which is why we chose our minimalist design and high quality materials.


Creating a handbag from the first sketch to the final product is a long but rewarding process. When creating a new design we focus on beautiful functionality. Viva’s products are made to wear on a daily basis; they have to be simple, functional and minimalist, so they complement any style.


Our products are made in Slovenia, a small country in Central Europe, known for its biodiversity, lush forests and the Alps. We handpick and buy vegetable-tanned leather in Italy from reputable sellers. 

The bags are sewn in Ljubljana, Slovenia by our highly skilled contract seamstresses. Viva’s bags are handcrafted the old way, by sewing machine and with final hand touches at the end of the process, which makes each bag a unique piece.


We choose vegetable-tanned leather whenever possible. Vegetable tanning is a chromium-free method of dyeing leather. Natural tannins, found in tree bark, wood, leaves, fruits and roots, are used in producing vegetable-tanned leather. This process gives leather its natural smell, look and feel without harsh chemical substances.

We have chosen vegetable-tanned leather because of its high quality, durability, strength and natural look. Its handmade imperfections make for a unique and genuine aesthetic. Vegetable-tanned leather is far stronger than the majority of synthetic materials and therefore can last a lifetime, which makes it a sustainable choice.