5 important things about Viva's Project Bags

5 important things about Viva's Project Bags

Today I would like to share 5 things about Viva's Project bags that I find important and want you to know about. 



1. HANDMADE: All the bags under the name Viva’s Project are handmade in Slovenia, Europe. They are all carefully made with love. Each bag is a unique piece, something special. Because they are handmade that means a lot of work so there are just a few bags available at a time and you will need to wait a bit for yours. 


2. THE BUCKET BAG MODEL: The bucket model was popular many years ago when my parents were about my age. I remember my mum having one. As usual, trends come and go and the bucket is popular again. 



3. SUMMER TIME: It’s perfect for summer, navy blue is the color of the sea and the bag is big enough to put in your swim suit & towel.


4. 2 for 1: When buying a Viva’s Project bag you’ll also get a wallet with it. Amazing!


5. WALLET / MINI EVENING BAG: You can use the wallet as a mini bag when you go out with friends in the evening and don’t need lots of things with you. It’s big enough for your phone and lipstick.

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