The story behind Viva's Project

The story behind Viva's Project

Today I am sharing with you a story behind the brand Viva's Project. How it all started and what the brand is about.

What is Viva’s Project all about? 

Viva's Project is a brand of handmade leather bags. The name Viva comes from my name, Živa, which means alive in Italian. Viva's Project is a lifelong dream to create my own brand of fashionable handbags. I've been in touch with fashion for a better part of my life. The idea of my very own brand, something designed and made by me has been with me for some time. I have strove to create the perfect bag that is beautiful yet functional. A fusion of classic shapes and simple modern detail. Viva's Project handbags are all handmade.


I always loved bags and I always wanted them to be modern, simple, minimalistic, and to have something special, a soul. Since it was always hard to find such a bag, I decided to create my own. Each bag under the Viva’s Project brand is handmade, each bag is carefully made from premium leather and with each one I am there from the very beginning till it’s sold to a new owner. That means that all the bags are made really carefully with lots of love and patience which, in the end, gives the bag a soul. Each one is a unique statement piece.

I loved the bucket model of a bag, I remember my mum having one when I was a child. I liked the idea of bucket bag so much that I wanted to incorporate the idea into my own line of handbags. It felt important to me to make a quality bag that was elegant – I wanted a clean design, natural colors so the bag can be combined and look good with many different styles. Slowly but surely, a beautiful bag started becoming not just a dream but a reality.


All the bags are made from genuine Italian, quality leather and are available in four natural colors: navy blue, brown, beige and black. I believe these four colors are the core colors of every wardrobe and can be easily combined with all the other colors, patterns which makes your life much easier.

The bag for every occasion

The Viva’s Project bag is made for living and created to make you feel good. The idea is that with each bag, be it bucket or tote, you also receive a mini bag that you can use as a wallet, or as a little inside bag for your make up. If you’re planning to go out in the evening and you don’t need so many things with you, you can use this mini bag as an evening bag: it’s big enough for your phone, a lipstick and a credit card. Your Viva’s Project bag can be with you on every occasion, while you work, partying all night or on a casual stroll.

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