Hana Karim wears Viva's Mini Bag

Hana Karim wears Viva's Mini Bag

I would like to introduce you my special friend Hana Karim. She is a girl who invited me to join Fashion Week in Ajdovščina this year and present my bags to the people. She is also a jewellery designer and a falafel lover. She is a great cook, everything she made is so tasty and delicious. Oh, I forgot to mention she is also a great party planner, can't wait for her next one : )

But after all she is also a happy owner of Viva's Mini Bag and she send me these beautiful photos how she styles the bag. Happy to see and share that.

Have a nice day!

P.S.: If you would like to have the same bag as Hana does, you can get yours here. 

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