4 ways to make fashion more sustainable

4 ways to make fashion more sustainable

We are extremely proud to be a sustainable fashion brand but we realize there's more to sustainability than buying (and we can acknowledge sometimes the budgets are tight).

So we looked into what other practices besides buying from sustainable brands we could all apply in fashion, clothing and accessories to make our carbon footprint a little smaller.

What IS sustainable fashion anyway?

We are sure you already know, but let's renew our knowledge. Sustainable fashion is fashion that is both carbon neutral and ethically made. In other words, it's good for the environment AND people, too. People get paid fairly and have good working conditions, there are no harmful substances used in the making of clothing and accessories.

Sustainable fashion should also be aesthetically designed in a way that encourages repeated wearing for many years (i.e. not for fleeting trendiness). Materials should be high quality and durable so that they withstand regular wear.

We know you love your sustainable fashion brands already, so let's now look at some other sustainable practices you can apply when it comes to dressing and presenting yourself. They will be centered around extending the lifespan of fashion items and minimizing textile waste, which should be a standard for any sustainable fashion activist/aficionado/sympathizer.


Photo: Žan Vargek

1. Take good care of what you already have

You know how your grandmother knew exactly how to wash each item of clothing and how your grandpa always shined his shoes? It seems nowadays we forgot some of these practices that could keep our clothes, shoes and bags in mint condition for longer. So what can you do?

Get familiar with care labels on your garments. Don't overcrowd your washing machine and air dry your clothes whenever possible. Always hand wash delicate garments!

Treat stains immediately. Familiarize yourself with a few common stains so you know what to use on them as soon as they make their appearance.

Keep your leather accessories out of rain and moisturize them regularly. Do you know your local shoemaker? Take your leather shoes to his/her shop and extend their life! We recently shared tips on handcrafted leather bags care on our Instagram page.

Learn to mend your clothes. Look into visible mending techniques - they are really cool and creative, and you get to have a one-of-a-kind piece instead of a torn one in the end. This could even become your new sustainable hobby!

Photo: Ana Maria Burs

2. Wear it out

Do you have clothes that you like but just don’t wear because you can't find the right occasion? Get creative! I heard a great tip from a Youtuber recently: pair your too fancy shirt with something casual, like jeans (or a fancy dress with a sweater, or elegant trousers with a band t-shirt etc.), and wear it out like it's nobody's business. Because it isn't. 

And here’s the other meaning of wearing it out: wear your things out! Don't be afraid of wearing a t-shirt with faded color or even a little scuffing around the collar. It can actually look kinda cool. Just don’t wear it to work, obviously. You don't want coworkers organizing go-fund-mes on your account!  

I love seeing people in clothes that have obviously aged with them. If you give your things the opportunity to age with you they might actually feel like second skin. And isn't that a lovely feeling?

3. Swap your clothes and accessories

Swapping fashion items is great since it reduces the number of clothes and accessories that would end up in landfill because people simply got bored with them (or actually don't have use for them). In addition to that, it also helps curb mindless consumerism.

There are several ways you can make that happen. You could organize a clothing exchange party or join one in your town. You could just do it with one friend/sister or your mom. You could try selling some of your stuff online (ebay, depop and the like) and buy something for yourself on the same website either for the same amount of money you just made or in the same quantity of items. No waste, no wasted money. 

Photo: Ana Maria Burs

4. Trick yourself with capsule wardrobes

There's a sneaky way to make yourself feel like you have new clothes, shoes and bags every season even if you don't buy anything: store your out-of-season items separately and create capsule wardrobes of ten core items for each season out of the total of your clothes.

This trick minimizes your shopping/purging urges (less textile waste!) and inspires you to actually wear what you already have. And it might just boost your creativity as it is often easier to come up with new outfits when you set limits for yourself.

Photo: Ana Maria Burs


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