Introducing the new collection f the bags, named Kenya. 2 colours - your's favourite ones and 3 models which you will love this autumn. 

Let me tell you why this collection is something special. It's because of the leather the bags are made from. The collection is made from top grain leather, which is treated in a special  way, named aniline, it's the most expensive type of leather used for the selection of the most beautiful and highest quality hides. The leather is dyed and that allows the material to breathe naturally as it reflects all of its unique markings and variations of shades. As a result, every piece of leather has a story, which shows with its structure. It’s the most natural type of leather available and it is very soft and gentle to the touch. It is coated with natural oils that give it its beautiful and shiny look. Kenya collection consist of 3 models: bucket, crossbody and clutch. All the bags from the collection are available in 2 classy colours: black and brown. This is the first collection with the new logo, which is not golden anymore but imprinted in the leather.

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