A place where sun is always shining

There isn't a better thing than escaping winter to somewhere warm. Even if it's just for a few days. This year we've had an extremely cold winter with the lowest average temperature in last 10 years. It was really cold with lots of snow, which is great but it's also a bit sad not being able to see the sun for such a long time. That's why we left the cold and journeyed to Sri Lanka, a place where sun is always shining. Ten days of laying around on the sun, swimming in the Ocean,  watching wild elephants, snorkeling with turtles and climbing the Sigiriya rock was just a perfect way to recharge our batteries and prepare for the new season!


If you're interested where to find this paradise, it's a gorgeous resort with breakfasts to die for, private beach and charming green pool, you can find it here, in the middle of the Jungle surrounded with the friendliest of people.


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