About Millennial Pink

About Millennial Pink

Millennial pink (also known as Tumblr Pink or Scandi Pink) is still one of the hottest colours right now. It’s popularity started to grow in 2014 with Wes Anderson’s movie The Grand Budapest Hotel “which embodies a kind of arch retro-kitsch and is centred on a building painted several kinds of pink” as The Guardian written in their article. After that Pantone chose Rose Quarts as a colour of the year 2016, which made the Millennial Pink even more popular.


You’ve probably all seen this colour somewhere, some celebrities (not only celebrities, maybe even some of your friends) coloured their hair in pink, it’s popular on walls, desktop backgrounds, cocktails and other drinks, food, not to even talk about fashion pieces. Almost every brand has at least one piece in this colour and almost every girl owns one. At least.

If you still questioning yourself what colour are we talking about… Millennial pink is not just one colour, it embraces a range of shades of Pink, it can be Rose Quartz, Pale Dogwood, Candy Pink - it’s not even always pink. It can also be something between beige and peach. You can call it sophisticated Pink without the sugary prettiness. We're using the name Pale Pink. 


Some thought that Millennial Pink is just a one year’s trend and will be gone quickly, but those were wrong. Lots of fashion media says it refuses to go away. And we’re happy about it, because our customers love it!


As written at The Cut: "It’s been reported that at least 50 percent of millennials believe that gender runs on a spectrum — this pink is their genderless mascot."


And at Domain.com: “Pink itself is quite a tactile colour,” says Lucy Fenton, director of homewares store Fenton & Fenton. “It’s happy, it’s calming and it adds a bit of flair and confidence to a space when done well.”


Or at Appartment Therapy: "Millennial pink isn't so much a colour as it is an idea — hence the great difficulty in pinning it down to a single shade. Millennial pink, whether pale or desaturated or salmon-y, is a kind of non-pink pink, an aesthetic distillation of the ideals of contemporary feminism: unabashedly female, but removed from the constraining associations of the past. It is, in a lot of ways, defined more by what it isn't than what it is: not Barbie. Not bubble gum. Not princessy."


Check out Viva’s Pale Pink Tote Bag & Crossbody Bag.


Photography: Urška Pirjevec. 

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