About our collaboration with Wedesignstuff

About our collaboration with Wedesignstuff

Wedesignstuff is a story of two designers with the same design philosophy and the same taste in client solutions.

After gaining extensive experience from different fields of design, they started playing around with the idea of going on their own independent way. So they started creating under their brand Wedesignstuff. They thought about the name for a long time, as they wanted a broad yet still playful name, that was useful in the most diverse contexts and for a variety of applications. “It came about as an answer to the never-ending question about the range and nature of a designer’s work” they say.

“If we were to summarize all the things we design (logos, corporate identities, fliers, posters, brochures), we would do so with the word Stuff. Thus our brand Wedesignstuff was born, a brand that perfectly encaptures and showcases that whatever the design trouble, we have our clients covered”.

Their typical minimalistic style enables clients’ brands to live through trends and clearly communicate the story of the company while making content stand out. They say: “As we create our design, we devote the same amount of attention to all elements of a brand’s visual identity. Thus as we set information on corporate materials, we always look for ways to support the visual identity. We also deeply believe that consistency and unity across all aspects of a brand are the keys to a stronger and memorable brand”.

We love their stuff and that’s why we invited these two girls to create something also for our grey T-shirt. Check it out here, do you love it?

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