Back to work with a perfect leather work bag

Back to work with a perfect leather work bag

Viva’s bags are created with Viva’s woman in mind - a successful modern woman who knows what she wants in life and shows it to the world with confidence. She loves what she does, so she spends most of the day in the office, on the meetings and she’s always on the move.


With that kind of a woman in mind we created a perfect line of everyday work bags that will become a woman’s best office companion. Our goal is to always choose the best materials. All our leathers come from Italy and our focus is on vegetable tanned leather.


Why vegetable tanned leather? Because vegetable tanning is a chromium-free method of dyeing leather. Natural tannins, found in tree bark, wood, leaves, fruits and roots are used in producing vegetable-tanned leather. This process gives the leather its natural smell, look and feel. Its handmade imperfections make for a unique and genuine aesthetic. Vegetable-tanned leather is also far stronger than the majority of synthetic materials and therefore a bag made from it can last a lifetime.


Because the material is of a high quality, our bags look perfect and a woman owning one Viva’s bag can go to work confidently every day. Our designs are minimalistic, with clear lines so a bag can be a perfect accessory to every styling. Viva’s work bags are made in a limited edition, handcrafted in Europe the old way, by sewing machine and with final hand touches at the end of the process, which makes each bag a unique piece.


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