Introducing new colours: Burgundy and Navy

Introducing new colours: Burgundy and Navy

In the dynamic world of fashion, burgundy red emerges as the epitome of sophistication, warmth, and power. Its rich and timeless allure has captivated fashion enthusiasts worldwide, offering a versatile touch of elegance to any ensemble or accessory. Among handbags, burgundy red stands out as the perfect choice for those seeking to infuse their look with a subtle yet vibrant hue.

Here at Viva's, we resonate deeply with this sentiment, which is why we're thrilled to introduce our signature crossbody bags in this luxurious burgundy color.

This spring, we're expanding our palette even further with the addition of two new captivating colors: burgundy red and dark, navy blue. Our latest collection features four exquisite bags:

While we initially unveiled these new additions exclusively at Extraordinary Concept Store in Ljubljana back in March, we're excited to announce that they're now available online in our shop, ensuring that fashion enthusiasts everywhere can access these stylish pieces. 

But why stop there? Let's delve a bit deeper into my personal style choices. If you're interested, you can read the interview with Extraordinary Concept Store below:

XO: What's your cardinal rule for dressing?

Živa: Comfort reigns supreme. I'm drawn to simplicity and timelessness in my style choices.

XO: How does sustainability influence your wardrobe? 

Živa: My wardrobe is predominantly composed of pieces from sustainable brands, prioritizing quality over quantity to ensure longevity in wear.

XO: Which wardrobe item holds the most sentimental value for you?

Živa: Viva's handbags hold a special place in my heart since the beginning of my journey. Additionally, my mom's hand-knit sweaters carry immense sentimental value.

XO: Which colors do you feel most at ease in? 

Živa: Natural, earthy tones resonate with me the most. I often gravitate towards beige, sand, and olive green, complemented by dark blue or black bottoms.

XO: Share your style secret for always exuding confidence.

Živa: Choose pieces that make you feel your absolute best. True confidence emanates from comfort in one's skin and attire, transcending outward appearance.

We hope you've enjoyed this glimpse into our latest collection and a bit of insight into my personal style journey. 

With love,


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