Introducing the new Ivy Baby Bag {Viva's & Poppy}

Introducing the new Ivy Baby Bag {Viva's & Poppy}

Viva's & Poppy: Ivy Bag

After getting pregnant with my first baby, little girl Iva, I started looking for baby's must haves. There were loads of different products on my shopping list and one that stood out for me, was the diapers bag (baby bag).

I consider myself a stylish mom, so I was looking for something more fashionable, efficient, sustainable - a bag that does not shout out »diapers bag« as soon as a woman takes it out of the stroller.

Once you start searching, you immediately get a lot of different basic options all over the internet. The are all good and useful, but they were just common diapers bag and I wanted something different.

After looking for a while I got frustrated and I contacted my very good friend and a girl boss Živa, owner of Viva's handmade and sustainable leather bags brand. I presented my idea for a stylish baby bag and she liked it. Our next coffee date we had, was already searching for materials, poppy patterns and designing the bag which would fit in already existing Vivas handmade and best seller leather bag.

Our main goal was to create timeless design a modern mum can wear for years with more children. We made so in the beginning it can be a baby bag, but after your kid gets older it becomes a toilet bag or a perfect organizer for all your essentials.

 Our Ivy baby bag is best to be paired with Viva's leather bag, but it can also be paired with any other bag you already own.

Reaching into your handbag and pulling out exactly what you need has never been easier.

With 8 elastic close pockets, key and pacifier clasp, Ivy bag always has the perfect place for all of your essentials. Everyone can easily take items in and out.

Happy mothers day!

Poppy brand founder

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