Loved by you this autumn

Loved by you this autumn

Amidst the beauty of autumn, Viva's leather bags emerge as not just accessories but statements of versatility and empowerment. As the leaves change, so do the styles of the remarkable women who choose to adorn themselves with few of our exquisite pieces.

Isabelle (@thesearethedays) with our whiskey Travel Tote Bag.

The rich, supple leather exudes both strength and sophistication, reflecting the multifaceted nature of the modern woman.

Step into the world of the free-spirited adventurer, whose wanderlust knows no bounds. Whether exploring the colourfull streets of Marocco or strolling through a quaint town square in Dalamtia, Viva's bags are the perfect companions. Crafted for durability and style, these leather companions add a touch of bohemian charm to every adventure.

Nadja (@nadijuska), the owner of Little Otja wearing our cognac Tote Bag.

Hana (@haninatelje) wearing our cognac Work Bag.

As the autumn breeze ushers in cozy layers and warm hues, picture the empowered woman embracing the world as her stage. Viva's bags become an extension of her creativity, a palette for self-expression. The muted earth tones and classic designs effortlessly enhance her capsule wardrobe, making a bold yet timeless statement against the backdrop of autumn's palette.

Ana (@anamariaburs) wearing our black Half Moon Bag.

Our timeless collection seamlessly combines form and function, offering a range of sizes and shapes to suit every occasion and personal aesthetic.

Isabelle (@thesearethedays) with our cognac Crossbody Bag.

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