NEWS: Viva's brand merged together with Lili & Roza Tees

NEWS: Viva's brand merged together with Lili & Roza Tees

Dear costumers,

There is something new in our company, which we’d like to tell you more about. We decided to extend our business and join forces with the brand Lili & Roza Tees.


Lili & Roza Tees is a brand of high quality organic cotton tees with a Fair Wear Certificate. The idea behind the brand is to support young designers from around the world with printing their graphics onto the tees. There’s no need for art to only hang on the walls, you can wear it on you too. Lili and Roza tees also embody responsible values, like sustainability - fashionable, premium apparel made in a sustainable way is all you can wish for. All the tees are produced by a fairly compensated workforce so you can wear them with pride. Lili & Roza Tees is a brand of fashion-conscious clothing with original and timeless designs and a dedication to detail. Cuts and colours are in line with current trends and each tee carries a special graphic or a powerful message to remind you of the important things in life: love, kindness and art which will brighten up your day. With each graphic on the apparel a young designer is supported.

Because of the same goals and the same philosophy we decided to join these two brands together in one, under the name Viva’s. All our products, as bags as the tees, are fashionable but timeless, made to wear for ages.

The main goal of a brand Viva’s is to create irresistible products in a sustainable way. We care about the people and about the planet. We use eco-friendly materials – organic cotton for the apparel and vegetable tanned leather for the bags. We want the people who made our products to be fairly compensated for their work, because that’s the only right thing if we want the world we live in to be kind and beautiful.

From now on our Viva’s brand is richer for a new products line – organic cotton tees with graphics, made by creative designers from all around the world. We’re developing together with the brand and we’ll continue searching for the new high quality materials to make the products you’ll love and products, which are made in a fair way. Fair to the people, and fair to the planet. ♥

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