The story about the new Viva’s brand mark


As you could already read about on our blog, last year we merged forces together with Lili and Roza, and enriched our web shop with some fabulous new products.
Because new beginnings always bring a fresh breeze to the brand and the company, we decided to freshen up our brand identity a bit. Our logo is now updated and Viva’s got a new brand mark – can you spot this little cute dachshund on the pictures? Lot’s of you are probably wondering, why the dachshund? Let me tell you a story behind it. With the merger, we were thinking about the new brand name. We wanted a fresh start with a fresh brand name and image, but after a long discussion with a branding specialist (Andrej Drapal) we concluded, that it’s better to keep the old name and don’t complicate things too much. But we still wanted to bring some Lili and Roza’s spirit to Viva’s brand. So we decided to create a symbol with dachshund – because Iris is a proud owner of one. And it was a perfect idea because dachshund is so cute and fun dog, with it’s own special shape which looks so elegant on our products. Moreover, it’s not only good looking, but also curious, lively, charming, and brave – as our brand aims to be. This comical creature loves to play games and has a great sense of humor. He is a loyal little dog, very attached to his family. Though bright and clever, dachshunds like to do things their own way. In other words, they're stubborn. And even more importantly, we have chosen that brand mark also because dog is your best friend as your Viva’s bag will become too.

We’d like to thank to Mashoni Studio for their work.





Photos: Mashoni Studio.