Viva's x Moni and me

Viva's x Moni and me

Here's a project, a collaboration I am so so happy about. Some of you maybe remember a sample of dog collar and leash we made few years ago. But we never launched a final product afterwords.

I am so happy that we teamed up with Slovenian brand Moni and me, that makes accessories for dogs and created a special bundle of dog collar + leash in vegetable-tanned leather. 

We believed that we could combine our experience in the manufacture and design of leather products and Moni and me's knowledge of comfortable and practical equipment for dogs, plus our love for dogs and all things beautiful.



We created our first set of premium leather dog collar and leash that is sustainably made of the best materials, designed to be in style forever and ethically made. Because we believe that our dogs deserve only the best.

Made of vegetable-tanned leather and 100% brass hardware, this collar and leash are extremely durable, made to last for years.

Refined classical collar and leash for everyday use that was carefully designed and hand made in Slovenia.




Since this is a completely new product for Viva's brand, it's available for preorder, so we can avoid overstocking. Preorders are available until November 20th. Products will be ready to ship in the beginning of December (in time for Christmas gifts). And of course the bundle is available to preorder with a special early bird price



With Ana, founder of Moni and me, we are both dog owners and since our dogs are completely different sizes and characters, we decided to create 2 versions: SMALL for smaller and calmer dogs, made of softer leather (perfect for dogs like Moni - King Charles Cavalier or smaller) and LARGE for bigger and more active dogs, made of thicker leather (perfect for dogs like Fish - Lagotto Romagnolo and similar). 




For the end, I'd like to share an interview with Ana, the owner of Moni and me brand, so you can get to know her better. 



1. When you launched the Moni and me brand and how it all started? How did you come up with this idea?

I got my Monika almost 6 years ago and even before I brought her home, I researched for the cutest, safest and most stylish dog accessories. I couldn’t find anything that was aesthetically pleasing yet durable and safe for my dog.

I started designing and sewing some of the designs myself, playing with different shapes, using various materials. After years of experimenting I was ready to start professional production of dog walking accessories and launch a brand I named Moni and me.

We are currently selling across Europe, offering walking accessories that are made and designed for dogs but also their owners, who want to enjoy their time together in style.

2. What plans do you have with your brand? What’s your biggest goal?

I want to continue creating the best quality, safest and most stylish dog accessories that are comfortable for dogs, modern looking and practical to use. 

Apart from all the goals regarding the new products and collaborations, I would really love to continue dedicating a part of the revenue from my small business to animal shelters and organizations across Slovenia and hopefully someday, worldwide. 

Starting this brand, I promised to myself I will always give back. I really hope to build a community of animal lovers who don’t just appreciate good design and high quality but are also happy to donate for dogs in need.

3. Have you always had dogs or is Monika your first one?

All of my family members are huge animal lovers and we always had a dog at our home. When I was growing up, my best friend was a dachshund named Brina who of course slept in my bed and spent all of her time with us. My parents always emphasized the importance of respect and love for all the living creatures and I really have a soft spot for animals.

When I moved out of my parents house, the first thing I did was get a dog. Monika has been with me for almost 6 years now and I couldn’t be happier.

4. They say people choose dogs with similar characters than their own, what’s the reason you decided for King Charles Cavalier?

Funny story, but I am huge Sex and the City fan. I could binge watch the series all day, I am obsessed. If you are a fan, you might remember how Charlotte adopted a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, named Elisabeth Taylor. Well, this was it. Since that moment, I knew I would once own a cute little Cavalier I later named Monika.

5. What do you love most/least about your dog?

I love everything about her, but doesn’t every dog owner say the same? She is the sweetest, purest and kindest soul. She would never hurt anybody, she is calm, loving, caring and loyal.

I work from home so she is with me 24/7, but when I come home after leaving her alone for a short period of time, she wags her tail like crazy, always so happy to see me.

I would choose the same breed over and over again.

6. How would you describe your dog’s daily routines?

Monika completely adapts and she is very easygoing. It depends on the day, but I always take her for a short walk in the morning. If I have errands to run, she comes with me, if I work from home, she sleeps on the couch until I am finished and then we go for a longer walk in the park or to the forest. 

She loves to sniff around and play fetch.

7. The best trip you two had?

I think the best one was our trip to the seaside, Rovinj, Croatia, where Monika had her first swim and had the best time.


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