What to love about Greece

What to love about Greece

Imagine a world where every moment is a symphony of sensations, where the simplest things become extraordinary, and where life's beauty is magnified by the senses.

In a heartfelt exploration of Greece, our photographer and his girlfriend embarked on an unforgettable journey. Bellow are their ten favorite moments from this enchanting country.

Each passage is an invitation to savor the world in all its glory. So, let's begin this journey together, where our senses are awakened, and we find the extraordinary in the everyday.


»The scent of freshly brewed coffee and the pleasant sound of people chatting nearby, accompanied by the clinking of dishes in the distance, while the wind gently blows through the curtains of our room«.

»Colorful houses with character, filled with good and simple people«.

»Daily walks to discover a new beach and jumping into the sea as soon as possible«.

»The feeling of a cold shower on your overheated body after being in the sun all day, just before dinner«.

»Streets full of boutique shops with handmade jewelry and ceramics«.


»Your heart warms with the caressing and cuddling of kittens on every corner«.

»Good, fresh, and local food that enchants you, making you feel lighter even after eating a lot«.

»The greatest concern of endless days is winning a draw and solving crosswords«.

»A sudden burst of Mediterranean air with the scent of the sea and fish when you step off the boat«.

»Nibbling on ripe figs on the beach while burying your feet in the sand«.

These words capture the essence of life's simple pleasures, taking you to various corners of the world, all while celebrating the richness of the human experience.

Photography: Žan Vargek 

Model: Hana Jelovčan

Styling: white skirt by Janja Videc


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