Women who inspire: Katarina Vidic, fashion influencer

Women who inspire: Katarina Vidic, fashion influencer

1. Describe yourself with 3 words.
Ambitious, determined, creative.

2. What is your passion, what inspires you?
I found fashion to be my passion in my early twenties, which inspired me to start blogging. Throughout the years, I somehow found my core style, and I often get inspired by vintage fashion.

3. What does sustainability mean to you?
When it comes to fashion and my view of sustainability, I always try to find fashion pieces that will always be trendy and that I see myself wearing for years to come.

4. Share moments that feel special, like balm to the soul?
I have had many special moments in my life, and when I look back at them, I see my boyfriend being a part of them all. So, I believe he is the ultimate balm to my soul.

5. Tell us about your morning (or evening, if you prefer) routine?
My absolute favorite days of the week are those when I have time to do my full weekly morning routine. A little beauty pampering with hair and face masks, then a cup of macchiato, some Pinterest scrolling in between, thinking of new outfits that I can put together and creating new content. The best part of those days is the fact that I have all the time to do the things above since I don’t have to go anywhere the whole day. I absolutely love to just spend the day chilling. I am an introvert after all!

6. Your favorite City / Place and why?
My absolute favorite city is Rome. I visited it for the first time a couple of years ago and fell in love with the vibe, architecture, and history. What made me fall in love with it was the feeling that I got walking through the streets. I felt like I was in a movie; it was truly romantic and dreamy. And I haven’t gotten that feeling in any other city that I have visited until now!

7. What makes you the most happy?
A good fashion find and, of course, my boyfriend makes me the happiest.

8. What do you believe will make this World a better place?
A Viva’s bag in every closet would make the world a better place!

9. Your favorite quote or saying?
Not sure if this is a quote, but lately, my motto has been: "When if not now?" The next time I get anxious to try new things, I just think of that saying and go for it.

10. How do you prefer to spend your weekends?
I get super inspired by my short trips to Italian cities, so I think this might be my favorite thing to do on weekends.

11. What is always in your bag?
My phone, Viva’s pouch with my makeup, Chanel perfume, lip balm, wallet, hand cream, an extra pair of golden hoop earrings, and a reusable bag are always in my bag. ❤️

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