Women who inspire: Urška Jenko

Women who inspire: Urška Jenko

Urška Jenko is our daily inspiration. You can follow her on instagram here

Get to know her through the interview bellow.

1) Describe yourself with 3 words. 

Three, ten, or 100 words tells me nothing about a particular person. Neither the role nor the biography tells me enough. How someone goes through life, with what navigation, vibration and experience, self-knowledge, lightness or weight and what he/she encounters along the way. These are the stories that have a message for me.

2) What is your passion, what inspire you?

Life itself, exactly as it is, in its very origin. Love. Nature, animals and people moving in this rhythm. 

3) What does sustainability mean to you?

A set of several types of work that different people put in a product, for example. Time and dedication. Attitude, the awareness of the creator himself towards what kind of product he wants to pass on, that it will not be to his benefit only. On the other hand, a buyer who is aware of what he chooses to buy. That it will be good for him, for others, for the environment, for nature.

4) Share moments that feel special, like balm to the soul?

This, however, is difficult to describe in words. These are vibrationally so strongly flowing moments, at some point in the day and at the same time so simple that I am surprised again and again. Most of all, grateful to see them, to feel them every day. I often share these stories here on Instagram, in order to remind us all that this is accessible to everyone, whenever we decide or feel that way.

5) Tell us about your morning routine?

I get up early. In summer even earlier than in winter. I drink a glass of spring water, and go for a walk with my dog, for a long walk in the woods. All seven days of the week, no metter the weather. And so it had been for several years before the dog came into the family. From the moment I became aware of what this connection means, connecting to a network that runs in nature, between trees, animals, water, mountains ... 

6) Your favourite City / Place and why?

My home, forest, sea and karst landscape. Open, airy spaces. Smaller towns with a central square and street shops, a bakery, a market ... Where one feels how much the locals of this town love to live, create, chat, socialize, coexist.

7) What makes you the most happy? 

The feeling that I am in flow that I follow without expectations from myself and others. The state of love is the state of weightlessness and timelessness. A highly creative moment. 

8) What do you believe will make this World a better place?

Raising consciousness to a level where you feel in every cell that you are at your core, at the source - love. Love which, you spread, share and receive.

9) Your favourite quote or saying?

What awaits you, what is meant for you, will not escape you. (Good and bad conscience, which in the end always turns out to be only good).

10) Your favourite artist? 

Art is all around us. I don't have names or anything specific. I am always attracted by the energy, the colors, the materials, the message that flowed through the creator at that moment.

11) How do you prefer to spend your weekends?

I'm not waiting for the weekend. I try to spend each day at least 50% joyful. Lightly and lovingly.

12) What is always in your bag?

A wallet, bicycle keys, hand cream, some small fragrance, vaseline, moisturizing wipes, dog poop bag. And a Vila Malina notebook.

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