6th anniversary

6th anniversary

6 years of Viva's

We celebrated sixth anniversary this year in May. Since it was such a busy year, I am writing this blog post with almost 6 months delay.

Over the years, we have been evolving, improving, striving for more and more sustainable materials, and our vision remains the same: to create quality, minimalistic bags that women can wear year after year. This can only be achieved with quality, durable, natural materials and timeless fashion - creations that are not outdated by fast trends, but look great and fashionable at any time.

At Viva's, we have been producing timeless bags for 6 years now. Our collection of bags is permanent, but still each year we add something new - whether it is a new model, colour or material. When choosing colours, we focus on natural tones that one cannot get tired of. Nature has always been my main inspiration.

6th anniversary was also a reason to upgrade Viva’s with a few new models as well as a new visual image.

A bigger novelty at Viva's this year is a mom bag, created in collaboration with a friend of mine and a new mother - Karmen Žirovnik. The bag is designed sustainably - consists of two parts - the existing Viva's large business bag + inserted organizer for baby necessities. When diaper bag is no longer needed, the basic outer part can still be used as a business bag. More about the baby bag and this collaboration you can read here.

We also upgraded our visual image and that role was taken care of by the creative agency Raw Lab. The basic thread of the creative idea was based on a sustainable approach, which is in line with Viva's brand philosophy. The main guideline was to present the handbag as part of responsible fashion and a way of life that is accessible to everyone.

For the future, we are planning to stay true to our vision and create quality pieces that will remain in use for years and years, while the production of Viva's bags will remain in Slovenia.

Photos: Raw Lab agency, model: Nika Koncilja, styling: Mila Vert.


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