Women who inspire: Nadja from Little Otja

Women who inspire: Nadja from Little Otja

1) Describe yourself with 3 words.
If I could describe myself in just three words I would say, proactive, determined, and dependable.

2) What is your passion, what inspire you?
As a small brand owner, my passion lies in crafting beautiful products that create lasting memories for people. While my work consumes a significant part of my life, I find the greatest joy in immersing myself in nature and cherishing moments spent with my family. They are my ultimate source of inspiration, both in life and in my business pursuits.

3) What does sustainability mean to you?
Living sustainably on this planet is a challenging task, as it often requires making compromises. However, I am deeply committed to the well-being of the world I inhabit, and embracing sustainability has become an integral part of my everyday existence, shaping it into a way of life.

4) Share moments that feel special, like balm to the soul?
I adore all those moments when everything aligns flawlessly, creating the perfect, enchanting, and magical experience - especially during the mesmerizing beauty of a sunset. The charm of the magic hour is undeniably captivating and there's never a limit to the number of sunsets one can enjoy.

5) Tell us about your morning (or evening, if you prefer) routine?
To be honest, I'm more of a go with the flow kind of person when it comes to routines. 

6) Your favourite City / Place and why?
My favorite place is wherever my favorite people happen to be, which means it’s always changing, always full of surprises.

7) What makes you the most happy?
Exploring outdoors, endless walks, cooking, flowers and pretty ponds with water lilies makes me the happiest.

8) What do you believe will make this World a better place?
When reading this question, I first thought of a place where everyone is compassionate towards each other, a little bit nicer.

9) Your favourite quote or saying?
My favorite quote at the moment: There is something admirable that always surpasses knowledge, intelligence, and even genius, and that is incomprehension. ― Hervé Le Tellier, The Anomaly

10) Your favourite artist?
With so many talented and unique artists, it's difficult to pick just one favorite. Rather, I have a handful of art pieces that I consider to be my favorites.

11) How do you prefer to spend your weekends?
I absolutely love to spend time outdoors and traveling with my husband most weekends. Though we end up physically exhausted, it refreshes us and makes us incredibly happy.

12) What is always in your bag?
My camera and my laptop.

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