"Sometimes I can't choose what to wear, but when it comes to bags, it's simple - Viva's bag is always a good idea. I just adore this elegant and like I say 'easy chic' design. For me is very important to look fashionable and I like world's valuable brands, but if it's possible to wear design of my friend, it really means something!" 
“I like my Viva's Bag because it’s very trendy and yet very functional – I can put in all the things I need during my active day. It’s designed and made in Slovenia which I appreciate very much.”
“Viva's bucket bag is with me every step of the way. Minimalistic and big enough for all the necessary belongings I need during my active day. I’m impressed by the classic shape and I can easily combine it with each styling.”
"I've been friends with the designer of my wonderful Viva's bag for years now and I think I even may have been present when the idea was born. It's thrilling to see how great ideas evolve into projects and projects evolve into lifetime passions. That is also one of the reasons why I adore my Viva's bag and wear it proudly - it's not just versatile and chic but it also reminds me that with determination and positive attitude great things can be achieved."
“Viva’s bag is an indispensable fashion accessory. Not only is the model both timeless and trendy, it’s also simple and functional. It goes perfectly with classy working outfits and with a casual look during weekends. It’s my absolute favourite.”


“On the picture is my second Viva’s bag which I absolutely adore. I’m already looking for my third one because the new season is coming which is a perfect chance for a new bag, right? : ) Her bags are probably not the best or the only ones I like in the World but I adore her dedication, her way of communication and the whole story behind the brand, which is why it’s not a problem for me to spend few pounds more and I proudly wear this beauty. Thank you Ziva and cheers to more bags.”
“I remember the two of us sitting in a Café when she was thinking if she should or shouldn’t start her own brand of bags. She told me what she had in mind and I supported her and told her to grab the chance and create her own handmade leather bags and that I’d be her first costumer. And I was. I’m glad, because the bag is classy, made from genuine leather but can also be casual. Furthermore it'a made by a young entrepreneur and I believe she’ll create even more gorgeous fashion pieces.”
“I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS BACKPACK! I like that it has a small purse inside, where i can put all my lipstick and make up. Perfect for easy going styling, but at the same time it s very classy and will beautifully completed an elegant evening style.”