Current Crush: 3 pieces you'll fall in love with


We have a crush on these three lately:

Girl Power T-shirt: because girls should rule the world. And because this T-shirt is perfect for summer days. Made from modal, natural material, so soft that makes your skin sing while wearing it.

Lover T-shirt: because we are serious lovers. We love our Planet mostly. That's why we are only choosing natural materials, which production is not harmful for the Planet Earth. This T-shirt (as all the others in our shop) has a Fair Wear Certificate and it's fairly made for you.

Pale Pink Tote bag: because every girl should own one of our tote bags. And because Pale Pink is just the right tone - not too pinky, but still enough to make your look a bit playful. All our bags are handcrafted the old way, made in a small production so you won't see too many girls with the same bag.  

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