Meet the mind behind Viva's: an exclusive interview with the founder

Meet the mind behind Viva's: an exclusive interview with the founder

Today I find myself on the other side of the interview table for the very first time. As the owner of Viva's, I've always been the one asking the questions, but today, I'm excited to share more about me and my brand with you.

This exclusive interview, featured on the blog of our esteemed partner, Extraordinary. shop, offers a glimpse into the journey behind Viva's brand. From inspirations to sustainability practices, we're delving into the heart of our business.

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Enjoy reading it.


The idea for the Viva's brand was born out of a desire to find the perfect bag for yourself, one that you could carry for years. Anyone who follows your work knows that you have a refined sense of aesthetics and appreciation for all things beautiful – did you always know that you would someday create something of your own?

I couldn't say that I always knew I would have something of my own, but I did grow up in a creative environment; both my parents are artists and have their own gallery in Grožnjan, and my sister is a writer. Art and creativity have been with me since childhood. The idea of having my own product and brand began to seriously appeal to me around 2015 when I created Viva's. And so, next year will mark its 10th anniversary.


What about sustainability, who inspired you regarding that? Obviously, this way of life has been a part of you for a long time, not just a passing trend of recent years.

I grew up in nature, in a house filled with antique furniture, with parents who didn't succumb to consumerist thinking. My sister and I played in the woods and made our own toys from corn cobs, rags, and other materials. I still remember how we made a dollhouse from elongated cardboard boxes that we got from the neighboring florist (today we would call it upcycling). Our mom made the dolls, and our grandma and grandpa made the furniture.

Regarding fashion, I've always prioritized quality over quantity and would save up for months for a more expensive piece that I wanted. I still maintain this mindset today. I always allow myself some time to dream about a particular product before deciding to purchase it.

Where and how are the bags made?

The bags are made in Slovenia, in Ljubljana. I collaborate with a team of professional leatherworkers who have been making bags for Viva's for nine years now. It's a boutique production in small batches. Every step in making the bags is based on manual work: the leather is hand-cut, edges are hand-dyed, and finally, the bags are stitched using a machine. Every link in the production chain is fairly compensated for their work, and long-term partnerships are established with all partners. Production is ethical and sustainable, without any financial or time pressures.

Right from the start, you succeeded in finding homes for Viva's bags beyond the borders of Slovenia. How did you manage to connect with like-minded people all over the world?

When I started creating Viva's, I didn't want to limit myself to Slovenia alone, so the website was launched in English from the beginning. With the internet and social media, borders have blurred, and algorithms ensure that users mostly find what suits them best.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I usually get most of my ideas during long walks with my dog. If possible, I go for a long walk in nature every day, which in Ljubljana usually means Golovec or the castle. In the evenings, when I'm in bed mulling over the events of the day, I often have to jump out from under the covers and write down an idea before I forget it.

Viva's isn't your only occupation; you also manage the whole story alongside your regular job in marketing. What does your day look like? With which rituals do you manage to take care of yourself amidst all your obligations and family?

Until recently, that was indeed the case; I always somehow managed two jobs at once (I have a bit of a workaholic in me, and I don't consider spending every evening in front of a computer instead of watching TV as work). This year, I decided to take a different path and now focus solely on my business (Viva's and a few other separate projects).

The main advantage for me is that I can manage my own schedule, taking a little more time in the morning and starting the day peacefully. First, my daughter and I have coffee and babyccino, then I drop her off at daycare and start working. In between, if possible, I take my dog for a long walk to breathe in some fresh air and recharge for the second half of the day. Afternoons are dedicated to family and playtime. In the evenings, I usually continue working since I've always been a night owl and find it easier to think in the dark, without the sun tempting me to go outside. However, I make sure this doesn't happen every night and take time for myself, for pilates and other forms of relaxation.

Your favorite places where you can breathe deeply?

The forest and the sea.



Your main rule when it comes to dressing?

Comfort always comes first. My outfits are simple and classic; I choose pieces that are timeless.

How does sustainability reflect in your wardrobe?

My wardrobe only contains items from sustainable brands, and sustainability is also reflected in the fact that there are very few of these pieces, and they last for years.

Which clothing item from your wardrobe has been with you the longest + why?

Viva's bags - I've been wearing them since the beginning. I'll never discard my mom's handmade sweaters. There are also some winter boots that have been with me for a very long time because they simply don't get ruined, and unfortunately, there are very few occasions to wear them (snow).

What color do you feel best in?

I don't have just one, but I feel best in natural, earthy tones. For tops, I often choose beige and sandy tones, usually dark blue, jeans, or black pants. The same goes for jackets/coats; here I would add olive green. I'll definitely wear a classic camel and beige coat for the next decade.

Your style secret to always looking great?

I choose simple pieces that I feel good in. If you feel good in your own skin (and clothes), it shows outwardly. I must admit that I'm not always looking great :) Nobody is always 100%, and I'm a really simple person; if you meet me on the playground or in the local store, I'll most likely be in a 10-year-old, stretched-out, and torn tracksuit.

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