Women who inspire: Alicia Díaz

Women who inspire: Alicia Díaz

1. Describe yourself with three words:
Dreamer. Passionate. Kind.

2. What is your passion, what inspires you?
Traveling inspires me the most. From planning a trip to developing my films, traveling makes me feel more alive.

3. What does sustainability mean to you?
I think sustainability is everything. If we, as a society, valued quality over quantity, sustainability would be common in our lives, allowing us to create more and better things.

4. Share moments that feel special, like balm to the soul:
Listening to the rain from my living room, grabbing an umbrella, putting on my boots, and going outside is something I love. Also, going to northern Spain (where I grew up) to an empty beach with my boyfriend in winter, looking at the ocean and talking about our goals feel so balm to the soul. 

5. Tell us about your morning (or evening) routine:
The best part of my day is arriving home from work, taking a shower and have a glass of wine. This is a ‘guilty pleasure’ that I really adore.

6. Your favorite city/place and why:
This is a difficult question because I've traveled to many beautiful places, but Finland has a special place in my heart. Since I traveled there for the first time in 2021, I can’t stop dreaming about moving there.

7. What makes you the happiest?
Traveling, winter, and traveling in winter. These make me the happiest. Long summer dinners at the porch with my family are also very special.

8. What do you believe will make this world a better place?
Kindness. I always say ‘smiling is free.’ We all have good and bad days, problems, and concerns, but this isn’t anyone else's problem. It’s amazing how a smile can change a situation. Treating others with kindness every day would make the world so much warmer ☺️

9. Your favorite quote or saying:
Acta non verba. I almost got it tattooed in my early 20s 🤭

10. Your favorite artist:
This is the most difficult question for me because I’ve loved art since school and feel inspired by many people. Cristobal Balenciaga inspired me when I first started studying Fashion Stylist. In painting, Canaletto and Monet are my forever favorite artists. They have an incredible and genuine capacity for observation.

11. How do you prefer to spend your weekends?
I usually spend my weekends creating content. When the work is done, I love having dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in the city. When I’m not working, I love taking the car and exploring nearby towns 🥰

12. What is always in your bag?
I’m kind of ‘simple’ here. I don’t like carrying much, so there are just a few things I can’t go without: wallet (a big one), phone, headphones, phone charger, lip balm, wet wipes, my vintage LV key holder, and sunglasses.

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