Viva’s x Europa Donna

Viva’s x Europa Donna

Viva’s x Europa Donna
Beautiful Accessories. Important Screenings.

Since our customers are mainly women, we believe it's crucial to raise awareness about breast cancer. We supported the non-profit organization Europa Donna back in 2020, and you loved our Pink Tote Bag. Many of you asked if it would be available again, and now it is.

Our goal is to spread awareness about the importance of regular breast examinations, and this campaign also focuses on how to support a friend if she becomes ill.

You truly recognize a real friend when things aren't okay.

How would you describe a best friend?

  • She is always by your side
  • She is able to bear your burdens
  • She keeps you upright
  • She is soft yet strong
  • She becomes more wonderful with years
  • She is not perfect but is full of life, understanding, and hope

That friend can be you.

With every purchase of our Pink Tote Bag, we will donate 30% of the earnings to the Europa Donna non-profit organization. Additionally, each order comes with a handbook on how to support a friend in case she is diagnosed with breast cancer.


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