Celebrating 8 years of Viva's bags!

Celebrating 8 years of Viva's bags!

We are celebrating 8 years of Viva's bags this May! Can you believe it? Let's see what happened through the years.

The Beginning

I started the brand as a pet project as it often happens, when I couldn't find the perfect tote bag of my dreams and decided to solve the problem by designing my own. It wasn't just about the aesthetics of the design, though, I had to make it a sustainable bag, too. Since I was a student of Economics and Marketing, the next step was obvious: share my new treasure with the world. And the world appreciated it, it seems.

The Designs

The next project was leather bucket bag, than crossbody bag, followed by the half moon bag and work bag. All the designs are still available in our shop. 

We tried some other designs along the way, such as mini bucket bag, mini bag, the most elegant leather diaper bag and a special charity edition leather bag for Europa Donna

We tried some special edition colors, such as olive, blue, millennial pink and forest green to name a few.

Slow Fashion and Sustainability

While I was working on new designs I was also researching leather and finally found the perfect vegetable tanned leather, made in Italy. The bags are still all made in Slovenia by our trusty seamstress.

We don/t use paid advertising, we just inform our customers about new additions to our shop etc. via newsletter and instagram, so join us there. 

We have a lot of returning customers, owning multiple bags, such as this nice lady said in her review: “On the picture is my second Viva’s bag which I absolutely adore. I’m already looking for my third one because the new season is coming which is a perfect chance for a new bag, right?”

Collaborating with other Creatives

We had many collaborations with different designers and creators over the years. Let's mention some: with Acro notebooks, t-shirts with illustrators Vida Igličar, Mateja Kovač, Mashoni studio (which is also the studio behind our award winning brand identity design), Wedesignstuff, with Moni and me on leather dog collar and leash, with Simona Javeršek (my mom!) on silk scarves. 

Our leather work bag even went to NYC Fashion week with fashion blogger Tesa Jurjaševič. You can see some of the collaborations with other bloggers here and  here

Where to Find our Bags

The bags are available in our online shop for our world-wide customers, but if you find yourself in Ljubljana, you can check them out in Extraordinary Ljubljana, or if you are visiting Istra, I suggest you check out the small town of Grožnjan and there you'll find them in my parents' gallery shop Roseta.

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